5 free website audit tools

     Why you need website audit tools?

Free website audit  tools are extremely popular among  webmasters & SEO geeks.Because these SEO audit tools make an in depth analysis of your website and generate detailed report of  various factors which is stopping your website from getting better SERP.Besides these website audit tools also shows various on page SEO errors of your Website & shows suggestion on removing them.
Now when your site grows it becomes almost impossible for you to manually check these small on page SEO errors.These tools will help you to find these errors & remove them.

1)HubSpot’s Marketing Grader-

Hubspot’s Marketing Grader is one of the most trusted website audit tool.As the name says it generates site audit report from marketing point of view.This tool gives huge importance on social signal.It shows social signal(Facebook like,Facebook share,Twitter Tweet)for your last 5 posts.Besides it also shows post frequency of your blog.This tool divides various SEO factors in 3 funnels and gives score on percentage for each funnel.
 5 free website audit tools with tool name hubspot's marketing grader

2)Crawler FX-

Crawler Fx does not create audit report for your entire website.It takes a single page URL and your targeted keyword for that page.Then generates SEO  report & gives a score out of 100 for that particular page.It considers both on page and off page SEO factors for calculating SEO score.For each factor it shows recommendation for improving that factor.Another good feature of this tool is that you can get the website audit report in the PDF format in your mailbox.
 5 free website audit tools with tool name crawler fx


Nibbler is another popular SEO audit tool.The audit report made by Nibbler has 10 marks for each of the various SEO factor such as social(Facebook sharing,Twitter sharing) sharing,code quality,meta tag etc.One drawback of this tool is that it only crawls 5 pages of your website.Another shortcoming is it does not consider Google+ shares.
 5 free website audit tools with tool name nibbler


Woorank is a very popular free website audit tool.It gives your website a score out of 100 and shows 5 top priorities for your website.One good feature of this tool is that it consider mobile optimization & mobile load time for calculating SEO score. Although one problem that we noticed with this tool is that it failed to detect our twitter address properly.Besides it also failed to detect our  robots.txt file.
 5 free website audit tools with tool name woorank


This tool considers both on page and off page SEO factors while preparing SEO audit..SEOptimer considers Twitter,Google,Facebook share for social signal.One good feature of this tool is that  you can export the report in PDF format.One drawback of this tool is that it  says nothing about the back-links.
 5 free website audit tools with tool name SEOptimier


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